The inherited passion of the Fitaihi name, which was established in 1887, with his creative mind and eye for jewelry, Dr. Mohammed Fitaihi was inspired to establish “Fitaihi Junior” in 1997. He changed the brand to “M.Fitaihi” in 2015. M. Fitaihi’s spectacular jewelry designs are unique and eccentric for the contemporary women desiring artistic yet trendy collectible jewelry pieces.
Fall in love again with art and beauty that will capture your imagination and embrace your heart with a lifetime love and passion.The M.Fitaihi shop is a hub of contemporary jewelry designs that speak for themselves. Our secret is our ability to craft beautiful jewelry gifts that cater to the fashion statement of the Saudi youth. Our bespoke jewelry collections are designed by well-versed international jewelry designers who are passionate about Jewellery.
Our collectible contemporary pieces of jewelry are made of premium 18K gold accompanied by diamond, precious, and semi-precious stone that will set you apart from the crowd. From complex calligraphic designs to minimalist designs.