Prompted by Alessandra’s Guatemalan origins and Yuvraj’s family vast experience within the jewellery industry based in Dubai, Alessa’s brand features unique designs rooted in the collision of two distinct philosophies; empowering unity in its success. As a result of both this forward-thinking approach and our individual experiences Alessa Jewelry has, in under a decade, gained a global following and established itself as one of the most meaningful and creative emerging talents in the fine jewellery industry, that is without constraints. Alessa’s brand balances the classical with the contemporary across its eclectic yet unmistakable collections, each meticulously designed and hand-crafted with the finest materials available and coming with a lifetime guarantee. The imagination and heart combined with this impeccable quality that every Alessa piece ensues, has created an incredible loyalty with clients, which has been recognized by the most prestigious stores globally. Strongly inspired by the Latin-American as well as Indian ethos, Alessa kindles a modern, vibrant and edgy allure destined to fulfill the desires of women and men of all ages.